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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Flock preview it

I was waiting for a long time to test Flock. Behind this name hides a Firefox fork, web 2.0 oriented (by this I mean social web, rss and all that stuff).
I received an email this morning to tell me to try it, so I did. Here is a preview of the main features that comes with Flock. Keep in mind that's it's an early version (flock developer preview 0.5 pre).

The favourite manager :

The favorites were something I was waiting in Firefox. Sure there are already some extensions available, but the embed functionnality is great. The interface is easy to use, actually easier than, it's clearer and responses better. You can do stuff like dragging a link to a tag and it adds the tag immediatly to it; great for organising and cleaning up.

The feed agregator :

Promising but disappointing, i tried to aggregate a few feeds, but didn't succeed. Anyway, it's still a feature i'm waiting for, and it's good to see they're working on it.

The blogbar :

This bar gives you an overview of your blog and allows you to edit your posts. The look and feel is nice and the setup pretty easy (just give the adress of your blog and you'll be prompted the login and password). You can drag stuff on the "drag stuff to blog it!" place. Unfortunately, you can not drag images. When you edit a post, or use the drag thingee, the post editor opens.

The post editor :

The post editor is cool too, thus missing and important feature : image upload. I understand it can be hard to do, but they should find a way, because it's very annoying not to have it. Apart from that, the interface is great, it's better than the blogger one for managing your post layout (i.e moving images).


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